In the cleaning industry, quality and safety are fundamental aspects to guarantee efficient results and protect people’s health. Auditing companies and inspectors play a crucial role in evaluating and verifying compliance with quality standards. A fundamental tool for this purpose is the technical sheets of cleaning products.

In this article, we explore the importance of these technical sheets, how they help avoid the acquisition of contaminating or harmful products, and how they ensure quality in cleaning processes. Make sure that your chosen cleaning company complies with current regulations in this regard.

What are technical sheets?

Technical sheets are documents provided by cleaning product manufacturers that contain detailed information about the composition, properties and characteristics of the products. These sheets are required by auditing companies and inspectors as part of the quality and safety evaluation process. They provide a complete overview of the ingredients, instructions for proper use, necessary precautions and safety measures to take into account during handling and storage.

Avoiding contaminating or harmful products

One of the main risks when purchasing cheap, low-quality cleaning products is the possibility that they contain contaminating or harmful ingredients. The technical sheets allow the components of each product to be carefully analyzed, identifying dangerous or potentially harmful chemical substances. By having this information, it is possible to prevent risks associated with exposure to harmful chemicals and ensure a safer work environment for employees.

Guaranteeing quality

Technical sheets not only focus on safety, but also guarantee the quality of cleaning products. These documents provide information on the specific properties and characteristics of each product, such as its pH, its cleaning capacity, its compatibility with different surfaces and its effectiveness against different types of dirt. By knowing these characteristics, inspectors at auditing companies can evaluate whether the products meet the required quality standards and are suitable for the desired cleaning purposes.

In addition, the technical sheets also specify the instructions for use and recommended dilution for each product. This is essential to ensure its correct application and maximize its effectiveness. Improper use of cleaning products can not only affect their performance, but also cause damage to surfaces or equipment, resulting in additional costs for businesses.

GS Limpiezas and its commitment to quality and compliance with the law

At GS Limpiezas, we rigorously comply with current legislation, acquiring quality products and their respective technical specifications. Contact us if you are looking for a trusted cleaning company.

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