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Cleaning professionals in Granollers, Barcelona, Badalona...

GS.Limpiezas is a cleaning company in Granollers, Barcelona and Badalona (we work throughout the Barcelona region). We are experts in cleaning solutions for various types of companies, adapting to their specific requirements.

Why we?

Our experience supports us

We have extensive experience in cleaning, serving all types of work environments, such as offices, facilities or industrial warehouses, laboratories and commercial premises, among others.

Offering comprehensive services and specific cleaning according to particular needs, whether in industrial cleaning, special cleaning or in the final phase of constructions, to mention a few examples.

Over the years, we have gained experience working with various companies in Granollers and throughout Barcelona.

  • Our approach is professional, taking care of every detail and finish of our services, while maintaining direct communication with our clients.
  • We adapt our budgets according to the needs of each client, providing customized services.
  • We offer a wide variety of services that adjust to the needs of our clients, with great flexibility, adaptability and availability.
Empresa de servicios de limpieza en Granollers, Barcelona
Limpieza en oficinas e instalaciones industriales en Granollers, Barcelona

During all this time we have built solid relationships with our clients, who have trusted our work during this time.

The mission and objectives of GS Limpiezas, for which we work every day are:

  • Maintain the trust of our customers.
  • Resting your peace of mind in us.
  • Knowing that we handle everything, taking care of the details.

GS Limpiezas is a professional company that provides cleaning services in Granollers an, by extension, in Barcelona and its surroundings, specialized in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in companies in different sectors, adapting to your most specific needs.

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Trust and peace of mind

Our direct, close and professional way of doing things encourages clients to place their trust in us.

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Continuous improvement

Always improving and specializing our human, technical and logistic resources.

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Attention to detail

Knowing that we take care of everything, offering a high value, paying attention to detail.

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